Home from Mexico

Well, it’s over. Our journey home, unlike the outward voyage, was uneventful and so we’re home from what has been one of our very best travel experiences so far, and that’s saying something. There were a lot of firsts: our first 3-week trip; our first Christmas out of the UK; our first time in Latin America; and so many new food experiences that we lost count. And there was so, so much more. What a wonderfully colourful, vibrant country Mexico is, judging by our experience over the last 3 weeks.

We won’t feel the warmth of the sun for 3 months now, but we have inspiring travel plans for 2019. After that, the real journey begins. “Mature backpackers” like us can’t keep putting it off for ever, so we will soon be swapping our day jobs for the trip of our lifetime. Putting our plans together is almost enough to compensate for the lack of sunshine.

In the meantime, we have the fabulous memories of Puerto Escondido and Oaxaca, both of which we loved, two of our best places visited so far.

The Mexican flag

Nearly Mexico time 4/12/18

Holiday bar life, next trip combining up
11 days to … cheers!

We are on a mission now, seeing the world in instalments, backpackers of a certain age, dreaming of our not too distant retirement and setting off to see as much of our world as we can. The ultimate travelling dream gets ever closer.

Earlier in 2018 a family death meant one of our trips, to Puglia, was unfortunately cancelled; last week, with Mexico only a matter of days away and with awful coincidence, we suffered another sad loss of a close family member and for a while another trip was in doubt. But with a bit of shuffling of dates and some rearrangement, we are all set to leave in 11 days’ time, albeit with changes of plan. Oaxaca city will now be after the coastal break rather than either side, so the plan now goes like this.

Fly from Heathrow to Amsterdam, then Amsterdam to Mexico City, both with KLM, arriving in Mexico in the early hours of Sunday morning. 4 hours at the airport before we fly to Oaxaca with Aeromexico, arriving just in time for our first Oaxacan breakfast. We have Sunday in the city, then Monday morning sees a spectacular sunrise flight on a tiny plane with Aerotucan down to Puerto Escondido, again arriving at breakfast time. We then have 13 days on the coast, including Christmas, before we return to Oaxaca city for a week over New Year. The reshuffle means we now have two separate “homes” in the city, one in a quiet residential neighbourhood, one in the bustle of the centre.

We’re counting the hours. Mexico here we come…