Travel countdown

Top 10 Budapest

31 hours 45 minutes 18 seconds

Does everyone do this, or is it just us? Counting down the days, and even hours, to the next trip, building up the excitement- does everyone do that? Marking off the days, the hours, is for us all part of it. So in about 32 hours we’re off on our next trip, to Budapest, our latest Saturday to Monday lightning city break.

Quick city breaks are a different kind of travel, a kind of snapshot of life, with limited chance to see everything and only a small window of time in which to absorb the culture. Our way tends to be to have an outline plan for getting around to see as much as possible, and set off to see all of it. Trouble is, sticking to the plan is hard, especially when you spot a bar stool with your name on it, or a restaurant that says “come in….”. But then, isn’t that the essence of travel, to seize every moment and say “why not?” instead of “not yet”.

It’s amazing how much you can get the feel of a city in a few short days. And, in a way, these quickfire breaks have taught us something for when we start our world trip. That lesson is: leave somewhere while you still love it.

Let’s see how much we love Budapest…

2 thoughts on “Travel countdown

  1. You are smart to have a travel plan, especially on such a short trip. If something catches your eye and you deviate from the plan, you can always pick up where you left off on your next visit. The time spent between the activities on your travel list could end up being the most interesting.


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