3rd February 2019

Sunshine on a winters day, Herne Bay
Herne Bay seafront

When it comes to the weather in England, there are two things we don’t get. We don’t get extremes, and we don’t get reliable. This week we saw the lowest temperatures of the winter so far, widespread snow across many parts of the country, and then forecasts of much rain today as the temperatures recovered. Instead, we awoke to clear skies and sunshine, a day which started at zero degrees and rose to 6 at its peak, but a day where the blue sky remained unbroken and the clouds never appeared. The biting winds of the last few days are gone and today was, in short, a beautiful, crisp winter’s day, making it a perfect day for a seafront stroll.

The English Channel caressed the shore, gulls and turnstones preened in the sunshine, the people of Herne Bay filled the seafront walkways. On days like this, even the buildings seem to stand upright and breathe in the air. One of those days when you just love living by the sea.

Gorgeous old pub on seafront, The Ship Inn, Herne Bay

The Ship Inn
Turnstones enjoying the winter sun, Herne Bay
The ancient towers of Reculver near Herne Bay
Reculver Towers
The long detached far end of Herne Bay Pier
Herne Bay

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