The joy of insects. Posted 2/1/19

Chapulines- grasshoppers for lunch in Oaxaca Mexico
Chapulines- grasshoppers

Eating insects is not something that comes naturally to the British, indeed we can’t think of a single insect which forms part of British cuisine. By contrast, the Mexican diet is full of them, being home to more edible insects than any other country in the world, with 88 species of edible beetle alone, together with ants, worms, caterpillars, ants’ eggs and, of course, grasshoppers. And we are on a journey of discovery here on our trip to Oaxaca. So far we’ve eaten ants with our beer, a sauce made from edible ants, a powder made from ground moth caterpillar, and now, at last, grasshoppers. These chapulines, as they are called here, are so much more tasty than we could ever have imagined, they are genuinely delicious. No wonder the locals love them here, carrying a salty, meaty taste which is very pleasing on the palate. We’re not over playing this: don’t miss chapulines if you come here, you’ll be missing out if you do!

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