New Years Eve in the Zócalo, Oaxaca

New year celebrations in Zócalo Oaxaca Mexico Feliz Ano Nuevo
New Year celebrations

There’s very little in life that beats the feeling of being absorbed into a different way of life, and feeling a long way detached from your ordinary everyday life, it’s one of the essential joys of travel. New Years Eve in the Zócalo in Oaxaca was very different from back home. Here’s some things you can expect to see which you wouldn’t see in the UK:-

⁃ Fireworks on open sale by street vendors with no restriction on who can buy, so small children are buying. In fact, some of the sellers are children too.

⁃ Children using lighters to light fireworks, holding the fireworks in their hand until properly alight, then throwing the burning firework across the crowded square.

⁃ Adults joining in, throwing lighted fireworks and firecrackers into the square, some firing rockets horizontally into the crowd.

⁃ Nobody batting an eyelid at any of this!

⁃ The main stage where the bands play, and the focal point of the square, becoming empty after a band finishes around 9pm, and then left deserted for the remainder of the evening.

⁃ Half the huge crowd in the square cramming into one corner to dance in the streets to a band performing supposedly privately in one of the restaurants, and the midnight countdown taking place only there.

⁃ Masses of people buying spray cans of white foam and squirting it into each others’ faces.

⁃ Vendors pushing through the crowd just after midnight, still trying to sell rugs and paintings even on the makeshift dance floor.

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