Food extravaganza. Posted 26/12/18

Tlayuda traditional dish Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico

We really don’t know whether, even in our committed search to uncover local food specialities, we would ever find anywhere as good as here. Not just fabulous food, but constantly surprising, continually exciting, flavours and experiences that are not only setting us alight but are genuinely different from anything we’ve tasted before. Yes, all of us know that Mexican food is good, but the twists on the cuisine that you find here in Oaxaca state, and on the Pacific coast, just take everything to another level. Ceviche, tlayudas, pescadillos, quesadillas, fresh fish with wild accompaniments, so much to eulogise. It’s as unique as it is fantastic.

Go to our current open blog at The Americas – Mexico – and read through this incredible culinary experience. We are currently up to Day 11.

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