Food Heaven in Oaxaca.

Fish from the Pacific Ocean Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico
Catch of the day

As our choice of blog name suggests, food plays a very big part in our travel experience and is one of the delights of visiting new destinations (although to be fair we meant hungry for not just food but experience, culture, learning, places, people, history etc etc…).

But so far this Mexico trip is right up there with our best foodie trips ever, with the Oaxaca state being a rule breaker of a place when it comes to extreme flavours and wild combinations. The food is – best word – EXCITING!! If you go to Day 10 of our current journal (The Americas), Mexico, Day 10:Christmas Eve, we explain more. But as a taster…

You buy an ordinary packet of peanuts in a shop. Open them, and you find not only wildly strong hot chilli nuts, but lots of bulbs of roasted garlic, just lurking amongst the nuts. Order garlic mushrooms as a starter, and they are laced not just with garlic, but marinated in orange then drizzled with lime juice, and it just sets the taste buds alight. Those are just tasters, so to speak. Go and read Day 10 for more…

Chilli nuts with garlic

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