How to get around in Puerto Escondido. Posted 22/12/18

Puerto Escondido is without doubt the easiest place on Earth to get a taxi. Taxis seem to number about a third of all cars here, there’s nearly as many taxis as there are people. Anywhere in or around town, and even on remote roads out of the centre, all you have to do is stand at the side of the road and look at the passing cars. The driver will notice you and pull over. Any destination within the confines of the town is 40 pesos per journey, and there’s about 25 pesos to the English pound. It’s easier and more stress free than taxis anywhere else on a Earth. This is just as well, because….

Sometimes taxis feel a bit of a cop out, you should be walking the streets to discover the city’s hidden gems, but, in Puerto Escondido, there are pitfalls to navigation by walking, thus:-

– Most town maps are stylised and only give a rough, and often inaccurate, detail of where to find something. These maps have somehow found their way on to “official” publications, and even on to the internet, and things like hotels, the church, restaurants, and even our apartment, are shown in a completely wrong location.

– Streets change name along their route.

– Although the town is largely built in square blocks, sometimes the name of a street will follow, say, a left turn, and the road ahead will bear a different name.

– Streets cross the main highway and retain their name, but the crossing is not always in a straight line, so the road straight ahead is the wrong one, the one bearing right is the same street.

– The locals have their own name for certain streets, and don’t call the street by its official name. For example, the central street, the adoquin, isn’t really called the adoquin, it’s the Avenida Perez Ganga, but if you ask for directions to Perez Ganga, you’ll be sent to the other half of that road, which is the “wrong” side of the highway, and potentially a hefty walk from the adoquin.

– It’s hot and it’s hilly!

So all in all, the taxis win hands down. Where else can you stand on a dark road and just wait, knowing that, probably, the next set of headlights will be a taxi, and the driver will be looking for you. And then charge you less than two quid. It’s so much easier.

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