Puerto Escondido rocks 20/12/18

Old Puerto Escondido, local mexican life, pacific coast, markets, Oaxaca, Mexico
Old Puerto Escondido

The glorious reputation enjoyed by this stretch of Pacific coastline is richly deserved; in fact if anything, it’s an understatement. Originally a port specifically built to export coffee from the nearby plantations, the town has grown up around a sweeping bay and numerous pretty coves. The area is part of an enormously long stretch of sandy shores kissing the blue Pacific and Puerto Escondido itself has a number of beaches, each with its own character and each one different from the others.

The town is divided in half by the main highway, the upper town on the hillside is the old town where the locals live and work and is full of Mexican character, the lower half sports more small hotels and street stalls, especially along the “adoquin”, down to the bars and restaurants at the seafront.

All the beaches have “palapa”, which are beach bars with palm leaf roofs to provide shade, the number and size varying according to the different character of each beach. Bird and animal life is everywhere; so many colourful exotic birds, let alone the pelicans fishing on the main beach.

Stroll along the soft golden sand, play in the crashing waves, observe the expert surfers, walk the old streets, sip cold beer in the shade of a palapa whilst people watching on the beaches, chat with these proud and fun loving Mexican people. And then grab some more of this wonderful, tasty, colourful food. Pinch yourself to believe it’s all real.

Yes. Puerto Escondido is THAT good.

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