The Road To Mexico Pt 2: Slow progress

Mexico City, Mexico,flight delay, schiphol, Amsterdam, Heathrow
Empty Schiphol

It’s now 22:30 Central European Time, one hour ahead of the UK, so we’re 8 hours into our 23-hour journey and we’ve only got as far as Amsterdam. Our fears of missing this connection are allayed though by the fact that our next flight, from here to Mexico City, is also delayed, by just under 2 hours, so after our increasing panic, we now have time to kill. Of course, the missed connection fear has simply transferred forwards to the next change, as we will now have less than half an hour between landing at Mexico City and the flight to Oaxaca. The chances of missing that one must be pretty high now but all we can do is enjoy the long haul and deal with that problem when we get there.

Amusingly, KLM manage to cram food service into the short hop from Heathrow to Amsterdam, with a pleasant little snack box and a half decent coffee. Good job too, as Schiphol is pretty much done for the night, with all the bars and cafes either drawing the shutters or long since gone home.

We’re now due out some time after midnight, something like eleven hours in the air, and a 6-hour time lag. And then – well, we’ll see.

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