The World is a beer tour…. 10/12/18

English ales, 2 types of Suffolk beers in Lowestoft pub
English Ale

There are many good and funny quotes about beer, and one, which can be seen on the walls of many pubs around England, says “beer is God’s way of telling us he loves us”. Beer, along with wine and pretty much all food, is an added joy of travel, giving us the opportunity to try different types in different places. We’re always drawn to any beer which we’ve never seen before, one is kind of compelled to try it. One of the joys of living in England is the terrific variety of beer around this small island (thanks Mr Bryson), and the explosion of micro breweries over the last five years or so has so enhanced this experience; truly you can go anywhere and find a new ale from a local brewery.

And then there’s beers around the world, which is, as we say, a joy of travel. It’s really draught beers we’re talking about here, draught far outweighs bottled when it comes to variety and regional variations. Wandering into a bar in a distant land and excitedly examining the beer taps is just such an uplifting experience – one of life’s pleasures even. I’m not really a lager drinker, much preferring English ale, whereas Michaela likes the thirst quenching qualities of a cold lager in the sun. But this doesn’t mean I can’t find good beers abroad, of course, there’s plenty around, and the thrill of the chase is all part of the fun. We certainly don’t go looking for an ale substitute – far from it in fact, anything untried is there for the tasting.

An English ale in a cozy winter pub; a cold beer after a day in the heat; an unknown beer in a dingy cellar bar; first beer after a day’s trekking; it’s all good. So what will Mexico bring? Is it going to be mostly bottled, and not much draught? Or will we be pleasantly surprised by rural beers? Whatever, it’s the next exciting stage of the World cast as a beer tour…

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