Mexpectations. 8/12/18

Mini waves crashing on Lowestoft beach, England
Lowestoft mini rollers

Just a week left before we head to Mexico and our excited thoughts are inevitably turning to the trip and what may be in store this time around. We are expecting great food, temperatures in the upper 20s, no rain, lots of sunshine, gorgeous beaches, the huge surfing waves of the Mexican Pipeline, classical buildings, ancient cultures, great food and, most exciting of all, great food!

So for our last weekend in England we find ourselves in Lowestoft, the easternmost tip of the British Isles, as the signs on the edge of town proudly tell you. It’s a bright and blustery winter’s day, and the sea teases us with its own images of Mexico by producing mini rollers crashing on to the sand, hardly Pipeline but enough to have us dreaming again.

Mexico will be our 31st country visited together, but our first time in the Americas. Seven days to go.

Winter sun on the North Sea and Lowestoft beach
Winter sun on the North Sea

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