Our travel philosophies – 5/12/18

Street food in Delhi India
Street food

And we suppose the blog theme. This is what we’re about, in brief, there’s more detail around this on the “about” pages, but this is what we’re about. We’re not youngsters, we’re looking to retire soon and go travelling for at least a year; we’re very happy backpacking, with nothing booked other than the flights, finding our way as we go, although we don’t rule anything out. You’re never too old to give it a go.

Our biggest drive is to really experience each place we visit, find its true spirit and mix with its people; learn its history and what makes it what it is today; how its past influences its present. So we seek out bars where the locals drink, restaurants where the locals eat. It’s so much easier to do that when you’re backpacking and not hidden in an international hotel: you’re in there straight away. Our aim is to put as big a portion of our spend into the local economy as we can; we don’t let travel operators and hotel chains take the lion’s share, but instead we pay local people for our bed, our food, our beer, even our hire cars, whenever we can. That all goes to make our most edifying trips, is our travel philosophy and is the biggest theme of the blog.

Right now we have high hopes for Mexico. Ten days to go.

The tradition of making Indian Tea, chai, friendly local lady in Bakkhali
Indian tea

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