England’s second city – 26/11/18

Barges by Canal House, pub at Gas Street Basin Birmingham
Canal side pub

As you wander around the centre of Birmingham, through its walkways and canal area, around developments like The Mailbox and through its vibrant, lively streets, you can only be in awe of modern day city planners. Whoever it was who looked at the old Birmingham and had the vision of what has now been created, we salute you. A formerly run down, dowdy area has been transformed into the most vibrant and attractive of city quarters, and an environment well worthy of second city status, a city to be proud of. Our weekend here was centred around a Saturday night in this regenerated quarter, exploring its pubs and just soaking up a terrific city atmosphere; there are restaurants of just about every type – we chose South American – and pubs and bars to suit every taste, from Canalside and The Canal House with their waterfront tables, to The Pint Shop with its array of 27 different draught beers. Even though the city centre is still a work in progress with much construction and many building sites, what has been done is terrific, and what is in progress will make the city better still. Great city, thoroughly recommended.

Canalside, pub in Gas Street Basin, Birmingham

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