Steak or steak – The Cafe de Paris experience

Geneva was full of restaurants of multiple nationalities and types, giving the visitor a full range of choices. In amongst the various options we visited Cafe de Paris near the main railway station and had one of our strangest restaurant experiences. This restaurant’s modus operandi is to only offer one meal: they only do steak, chips and salad. Not only is there no menu and no alternatives, but there isn’t even a choice of sauce, basically you get what you’re given, the only choice you have is what to drink with it.

What’s more, you don’t get to choose rare, medium or well done, because the steak arrives sliced, and pretty rare, on a salver over a candle burner, and so continues to cook at the table. You just turn it down to avoid over cooking. The steak sits in a butter sauce, with large knobs of home made butter melting on to the meat.

Amazingly this restaurant has been doing this for over 80 years, just serving the one dish in the one style. It is, of course, delicious, and the steak itself is fantastic. It’s also a quirky experience!

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