Geneva pocket history

John Calvin rocked up here in 1536, fleeing from the French Catholics who were hell bent on persecuting Protestants like him, and effectively founded the city which has become Geneva. Alongside three other founding fathers, Calvin created and built the antecedent to Rome, establishing the epicentre of the Protestant world and one of the focal points of the Reformation movement, with doctrines of non-aggression, fairness to, and freedom for, all people. Geneva remained an independent state right up until the late 19th century, retaining those laudable principles and altruistic beliefs.

Not too surprising then that we are here at the home of the United Nations, in a country where privacy is paramount (Swiss Bank Account Sir?), where tips are non-existent because wages are so high, but, moreover, where neutrality in the World Wars was achieved, and EU membership avoided. This is a nation which has worked hard to avoid upsetting anyone, anywhere.

In a country steeped in neutrality and fairness, this city in particular sits above conflict, and outside of attrition. Compared to some places we’ve been, that’s not a particularly colourful history!

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