Fondue fondness

Oh, come on, this is ridiculous. The Swiss absolutely love fondue, so much so that every restaurant smells of boiling cheese. We did it once, in Paris, but seriously, what is this Fondue shit all about? If you got tasty meats, or peppers and courgettes, or herbs, we could maybe get it, but these people just cut bread into chunks to dip into the undoubtedly lovely cheese sauce. So these intelligent, discerning, selective, organised Swiss people, choose to go out and spend £25 per head to eat bread and cheese. What’s that all about? Are we missing something?

2 thoughts on “Fondue fondness

  1. Really fun to meet you two. We have been full up with leaving and last minute company and now you are in Geneva! Hope next year to follow your lead for quick getaways is immigration allows. So we will say adieu until next May. Happy travels, Terrie and Charles



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