The joy of city breaks

There’s something special about a quick city break, it’s a particular type of travel experience which brings its own style of satisfaction and stimulation, often enhanced by the very fact that you have limited time in which to cram the experiences. We are off to Geneva this weekend with the familiar format of a two-night, three-day stay, flying in early Saturday morning and back home Monday evening.

Precious few cities have failed to excite us, everywhere has something to offer, and for us there are definite highlights to aim for. Of course, you have to see each city’s major sights, but we try and throw in a few oddball ones too, if they’re there to be found; we will take in, perhaps, a bustling market, or a climb to a rooftop view; plus, always, try to seek out lively bars and restaurants where we can soak up the city culture. Familiarising ourselves with the transport systems is all part of it, as are seeking out neighbourhoods with a different feel, eating anything which is a local speciality, learning the city’s history. We love the feeling of strange surroundings becoming familiar in a short space of time: isn’t it funny how quickly that happens.

Switzerland will be our 30th country visited together; and for Phil, Geneva will be the 73rd great city of the World, and that doesn’t count any at home in the UK. All things being equal, we’ll be there in time for Saturday breakfast, and so the next adventure will begin.

Here’s some shots from some previous city breaks

St Petersburg, Russia
Riga, Latvia
Venice, Italy
Brussels, Belgium
Krakow, Poland

One thought on “The joy of city breaks

  1. As a European, you are fortunate to have so many beautiful and interesting cities in such close proximity. Geneva sounds like a fun getaway for a long weekend.


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