Kent coast 27/10/18

Less than a week after commenting on the warm October, autumn sweeps in with cold nights and a biting northerly wind blowing in off the sea. With guests for the weekend including our two young nieces aged 6 and 4, we take some bracing walks by the sea, along Herne Bay seafront and on to the pier, and then along the front around Minnis Bay, buffeted all day by the cold winds straight off the lively seas. The sea itself is much choppier than normal, crashing waves where the water normally does no more than lap gently on to the shore, and though it stays dry all day and there is some sun, the temperatures have dropped a long way from last weekend and the wind chill factor must be several degrees. We think the correct word is probably “bracing”.

It’s one of those days that blows the cobwebs away and makes you feel invigorated; it’s also one of those days which reminds you that our stretch of coastline faces due North.

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