What to bring home

We doubt anyone could fail to spot that our house is the home of people who love to travel, the clues are pretty obvious. It also means we are constantly surrounded by reminders of wonderful places, fabulous trips. The stuff we bring to our home kind of falls into the following categories:-

House things. Walls and shelves have plenty: a lizard from Lipari, ironwork from the Baltics; elephants from Sri Lanka; a blowpipe; Massai warriors; Moroccan lamps; Turkish light fittings; blankets, throws, tapestries on walls; Greek pottery; there’s quite a lot.

Charm bracelet. Michaela buys gold. Small charms, almost always the classic symbol of where we’ve been, to attach to the bracelet (there’s two now), creating a great set of travel mementos.

Christmas tree. Our tree is a bit offbeat, given that we seek out cheap and quirky equivalents of the gold charms. This may be a similar symbol, something relevant to the destination, a symbol of the country or city, small and lightweight enough to hang from the branches of our Christmas tree, which to a large degree now has precious little to do with Christmas.

Music. With Shazam’s help, we bring home music from locations; but this is music we don’t previously know, either traditional (India, North Africa), or something we heard in bars (Zanzibar, Paris). Doesn’t half enhance the playlists..

Food. Of course! Readers of the blog will know we love discovering and enjoying local cuisine wherever we go, the more esoteric the better. Write down the name, Google the recipe, re-create the dish at home. This is one of life’s true pleasures.

And one way or another, life, and our home, fills with memories and reminders of wonderful places and experiences.

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