Padstow continued

Photo bombed by a seagull

Joy & Charlie head off home after breakfast at The Old Custom House to leave us for a quick mooch around the harbour before the rain stops and we decide to take another walk along the cliff path. So it’s across the fields to Trevone, a quick hot chocolate at the beach cafe, then all the way back to Padstow along the coast path, up around Stepper Point and along the estuary shore into the harbour.

It’s more grey and it’s cooler than yesterday but the rain doesn’t return and the walk is magnificent; the Atlantic once more moody as it crashes against the foot of the cliffs with that distinctive roar. One last pint of Tribute at The Shipwrights, a late lunch (or is it early dinner now?), and it’s time to leave this favourite spot once again and head home ourselves.

We left at 3am a few days ago; we arrive home 2.15am now, so we guess we’ve lost a night’s sleep somewhere in there! We’ve walked over 27 miles of coast path, drunk in 9 great pubs, and had a wonderful few days, as we always do in this fabulous corner of England. Guess we weren’t born to sit still.

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