Some things we saw in Malaysia

Never mind the incredible flora and fauna, and the amazing thunder storms, there were some strange sights. We make no comment, not saying we found them funny (necessarily), just that we saw them. Make of these what you will:

A boy of about 9 years old riding a motorbike, one hand on the handle bars and one holding a lollipop.

A family of five on one moped, one of the kids sat on the handle bars facing backwards towards the driver.

A monkey sat on the bough of a tree over the roadway, waiting for people walking underneath and then peeing on their heads as they walked under him.

A woman dressed in full Muslim garb, including headscarf and robes, whilst she was …. snorkelling.

An Oriental family (Chinese or Japanese), their three young sons digging in the sand about 30 yards from the water, being made to wear life jackets by their parents.

A long distance bus in Mersing bus station, proudly declaring that it counts among its on-board facilities…. a karaoke machine.

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